The inter-relationships between humans and animals

The inter-subjectivity of relations between humans and animals is daily demonstrated in the relations that we have with animals. This has long been the exclusive preserve of lay-knowledge, shared through anecdotes and accounts of multiple experiences concerning ordinary life with animals. Now, however, inter-subjectivity is being recognised by many scientists.

Animals, at least those that populate our lives, are the subjects of their own lives. They have a unique relationship with the world, a personality and a character. The inter-subjectivity of our relations with them is nowhere more in evidence than in work; for if work assumes the existence of a subject – there is no work without someone who works – work also has the effect of forming the subject, by allowing it to accomplish and exist in in its own unique way.

Everything that comprises work for an animal is currently being overlooked. Bringing to light the relationship animals have with work is one of the objectives of the Animal Lab research programme.

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